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Permitting & Inspections


We are committed to providing all current and future citizens quality service related to development through the use of modern practices in engineering, architecture, public health, and quality assurance management with a team of people dedicated to professional excellence and customer satisfaction. We strive to accomplish these tasks efficiently, effectively, and with accountability to the community we serve.

When is a Permit Required

The best way to find out if you need a permit is to contact a Joshua Building Inspections representative. Discussing your plans with a representative, before beginning construction or making a modification, will determine whether you need a permit. Even if a permit is not needed, a representative will answer code questions and may provide valuable advice.

Schedule Building Inspections

All inspections must be requested no later than 4:00 PM Monday – Thursday for the next business day inspection, cut off on Friday is 11:30 AM for a Monday inspection. Please call 817-558-3999.

The City of Joshua has adopted the following Codes:

  • 2015 International Energy Code
  • 2015 International Fuel Gas Code
  • 2015 International Mechanical Code
  • 2015 International Plumbing Code
  • 2015 International Building Code
  • 2015 International Residential Code
  • 2020 National Electric Code
  • 2015 International Fire Code
  • 2015 Property Maintenance Code
  • 2018 Pool and Spa Code

Texas 8-1-1: Check Before You Dig

Whether you’re planting a tree or building an office tower, you first must check the location of gas lines and other vital utilities.

Planning Information


The Planning and Development Department is responsible for the implementation of the city’s zoning ordinance, subdivision ordinance, and other ordinances as they pertain to the city’s growth and development. The function of the Planning and Development Department includes review and approval of development and/or site plans and ensuring compliance with city ordinances, regulations, and codes. The department’s responsibilities include providing public information to applicants and the evaluation of applications for land subdivision, site development, variances, easements, zoning, and more. The division also makes recommendations regarding applications to the appropriate board or commission, and/or City Council.

City Growth

The Planning and Development Division is responsible for guiding the city’s long range planning efforts and the implementation of the city’s comprehensive plan for future growth and development. The comprehensive plan establishes guidelines for growth, future land use, transportation, parking, and parks and recreation needs.

Support of Commissions & Boards

Planning and Development staff also serve as the support for the Planning and Zoning Commission and the Zoning Board of Adjustment,

Staff Contacts


Development Services Director

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Senior Building Inspector

817-558-7447, ext. 2014

Permit Clerk

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