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Public Works – FAQ

Q. How does the City choose which roads receive maintenance?

The City of Joshua Public Works Department routinely inspects all the pavements within the City before deciding what to do and when to do maintenance. The City looks for common distresses such as loss of aggregates, cracks, and distortions to help determine what is going on beneath the pavement as well as the surface of the roadway. The age of the roadway, prior maintenance history and other factors help determine the most cost-effective treatment and appropriate time to apply the treatment. The City also looks at available funding and other projects in the area that might influence the selection of the roads. There are always more roads that need maintenance than money and as a result, not every roadway that needs maintenance receives it.

Q. What are the different types of maintenance?

  • Crack Sealing and Asphalt Replacement:
    Crack Sealing and Asphalt Replacement is a preventative maintenance procedure that involves the sealing of cracks and removing and replacing damaged areas of pavement. It is much like caulking seams and replacing poor sections in siding at home. It prevents water from getting into anddestroying the asphalt and surface below and helps extend the life of the asphalt.
  • Seal Coating: Also a preventive maintenance procedure. Seal Coating utilizes a mixture of oil and tar and because of changes in the asphalt emulsion, can be applied much thicker, and uses a larger size aggregate. This allows it to correct problems such as rutting and potholes. Seal Coating is generally applied to residential streets following the repair of potholesand base failures.
  • Asphalt Overlays: An asphalt overlay is done when preventative maintenance cannot fix the defects in the street. The City may have an existing layer of asphalt removed by grinding or milling the surface first, or may, just apply the new asphalt over the old asphalt. Either way the street looks brand new when the work is complete.

My street is on the maintenance lists. What day will the maintenance be completed?

Most of the work in the maintenance program requires good weather. Treatments cannot be applied in rainy and cold weather. Occasionally there are also equipment problems that delay work. Because of these factors, the schedule for maintenance is constantly changing and the City and Contractor cannot provide a long term schedule.

Why did you do maintenance on my neighbor’s street when mine is in worse shape?

Maintaining a roadway is much like maintaining the siding on a house. There are things that can be done to make it last longer, but sometimes it just has to be replaced. Keeping up with the preventive maintenance extends the life of the street just as it would siding on your house and is less expensive in the end. The City spends a large portion of the budget on preventative maintenance because we can maintain more miles of roadway in a better condition for longer with fewer funds. Most likely, your street is already beyond this preventative maintenance stage and will require a more extensive (and more costly) repair. A portion of our annual budget is set aside for this type of work, however, it will take time for the City to accomplish all of the more costly repairs that are needed.

How will I know when the work is to be completed?

For all types of maintenance, the Contractor is required to notify resident’s along the streets at least 48 hours in advance of work. Work will be completed on those dates unless there is a need to change the schedule due to weather or unforeseen equipment issues. The Contractor will be required to place a door hangar on your door. This door hangar will provide additional information and list the dates of planned work. In addition “NO PARKING” signs may be posted if your street is receiving a seal coat surfacing or an overlay. This door hangar will provide this information and list the dates of planned work.

Will I still be able to get to my home while they are doing maintenance?

If your street is receiving an overlay, crack seals or asphalt replacements every effort is made to maintain access to your home or business. There are brief periods, when the asphalt that has just been placed, which is extremely hot or sticky, the Contractor may close access to your home or business temporarily. This is for your benefit as well as the benefit of the road. Emergency access will be maintained at all times. Still, we recommend that if you have pressing appointments, you park your vehicle on a nearby street where work is not planned to ensure you will be able to leave when necessary. If you street is receiving a complete reconstruction and overlay, it will be necessary to close off access to your home by vehicle for the day. An overlay needs several hours to cure before vehicle traffic can be placed on it. Access to the roadways will be shut off at 8 am (parking on the street will be restricted beginning at 7 am) in the mornings and the roadways will not be reopened until they have completely dried. This should be no later than 5 pm. If you need to leave your residence that day be vehicle, you will need to park your vehicle on a nearby street before 8 am. Emergency access will still be maintained at all times.