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Garage Sales


Only one city-issued sign will be allowed for µse. No more than one sign shall be posted on any residential property or nonresidential property advertising such sales.

No off-premise signs are allowed.

Permit cost is $5.00.

On-premise sign may be posted 24 hours before the sale, but must be taken down no more than 24 hours following the expiration of the permit.

Sales are limited to two (2) per calendar year and not to exceed three (3) consecutive days in length.

Residents are still allowed one on premise sign that ls issued as the garage sale permit Garage sale sign must be visible from the street, but cannot be placed on utility poles, street signs, or in the city or- state right-of-way. Only City issued garage sale-signs may be used.

Instead of issuing additional signs, the City will post a list of garage sales (that have been permitting through the permit office at City Hall) on the City web site, An additional sign will be posted on the bulletin board at City Hall.