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Animal Control Advisory Board

The Animal Control Advisory Board provides advice and recommendations to the city council related to the Animal Shelter and general animal control throughout the community.

The board is composed of five (5) persons with the following qualifications:

  • one licensed veterinarian
  • one animal welfare organization representative
  • one city official
  • one city animal shelter employee
  • one at-large persons

Persons appointed to such positions by the city council shall serve for a term of two (2) years, so long as they do not fail to attend more than two (2) meetings of the board in succession. In that event, or in event of a resignation from the board, the city council shall name a successor from the same representative group.

The board shall meet at least three (3) times each year and shall perform the following duties:

  • In an advisory capacity to assist the city in complying with the terms of the Texas Health and Safety Code, as amended;
  • In an advisory capacity assist the city in establishing procedures applicable to the city’s animal services program.