Joshua City Hall 101 South Main St. Joshua, Texas 76058

(817) 558-7447

Joshua EDC

The Joshua EDC is comprised of two distinct and separate Economic Development Corporations (“EDC”): the Type A EDC and Type B EDC & Park Advisory Board.

The EDC and is funded by the city’s $0.01 local sales tax, with each board receiving $0.005, respectively.

Generally, the Joshua EDC’s mission is centered on developing the local economy by helping to facilitate effective government that supports the wishes of its citizens, nice homes suitable for families of all income levels, convenient places to shop, and a reputable quality of life for all who do business and call Joshua “home”.

The Type A EDC focuses on “brick and mortar” type projects which include but are not limited to the purchase of land, buildings, equipment, facilities expenditures, targeted infrastructure and other improvements.  Examples of such projects are the Joshua Park & Ride, located next to the Joshua Community YMCA and much of the public infrastructure (drainage, streets, curbs and gutters, etc.) in the Joshua Station Overlay District (where the Park & Ride, YMCA and Brookshire’s are located). The Type A EDC also currently owns property that it can either development itself or use as a financial incentive to encourage private development.

The Type B EDC & Parks Advisory Board focuses on “quality of life” projects. Examples of these types of projects are the Joshua Community YMCA (the EDC, in partnership with the City, built and owns the building while the YMCA organization is responsible for daily operations and maintenance) and the city’s Main Street Park.