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Solicitor Information

Each individual soliciting in the City of Joshua is required to obtain a permit and must display their permit at all times. Failure to show proof of a solicitor’s permit is a violation of Joshua’s Code of Ordinances. Solicitor permits are issued by the Development Services Department in conjunction with the Joshua Police Department.

Requirement that badge be displayed

Upon issuance of the badge by the police department, the following requirements shall apply:

(1)     The badge issued shall be in such form and requirement so as to fully identify the person soliciting and will bear a photographic likeness of the solicitor and shall contain an expiration date.

(2)     The badge shall be valid only for the person to whom it is issued (nontransferable). Each solicitor is also required to carry a state-approved picture identification card or a state driver’s license as proof of identification.

(3)     The badge issued shall be carried/displayed by the solicitor in plain sight while he is engaged in soliciting.

(4)     The badge is and shall remain the property of the city and may be revoked and required to be surrendered at any time for any false or misleading information on the permit application, for violation of any city ordinance, including the provisions set forth in this article, and for violation of any state or federal law.

 Citizen Information on Solicitors

Soliciting is any person who goes from house to house or from place to place in the city soliciting, selling or taking orders for any services, goods, wares, or merchandise, of any nature or kind whatsoever.

The full ordinance, Chapter 4 of the Joshua Code of Ordinances, can be found online at this link.

What are some tips for dealing with door to door solicitors?

If the solicitor does not go away peacefully after you ask, call the police department.  If you need to report aggressive or threatening solicitors to police immediately dial 9-1-1.
Report suspicious solicitors by calling the police department non-emergency  line at (817) 556-6060.

Follow identity theft prevention guidelines by never giving your social security number, credit card information or checks to anyone who solicits you and you cannot verify they legitimately represent an organization or charity.

List of Solicitor’s Permits Issued