Joshua City Hall 101 South Main St. Joshua, Texas 76058

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Special Permits

  • Organized activities such as tournaments, camps, and organized sporting activities require a special permit issued by the city manager or her designee to avoid conflicts with other approved scheduled events.
  • No person shall advertise an event, meeting or activity or the time, permitted hours, or usage of any event, meeting or activity to be held or conducted in a park facility unless such event, meeting or activity and advertisement of such event, meeting or activity and time, permitted hours, or usage have been approved.
  • The person, group or organization or entity reserving the use of a park facility shall be responsible for all damages to city property and for the cost of any park maintenance services, emergency or public safety services, including police and fire, provided to, at or dispatched to the park facility as a result of such persons group or organization misuses, improper or unlawful use of the park facility.