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COVID 19 Vaccine

Burleson waitlist for COVID-19 vaccines is now open for signup. This is for first doses in Phase 1A & 1B ONLY. If you are looking for your second dose this waitlist DOES NOT apply to you. If you’ve already signed up on our waitlist – DO NOT SIGN UP AGAIN – You will be contacted this week to set up your appointment. If you are unsure if you are on the waitlist, you can call (682) 312-2780 to confirm.
We utilize this waitlist for when we receive our next shipment of vaccines or if we have any cancelations. If you are signed up on the Tarrant County Health Department’s waitlist you can still sign up on this one and we encourage you to do so. The registration link can be found at:
SECOND DOSES If you received your first dose from Burleson Public Health and your second dose is due this week, we will be communicating with you via email to schedule your second vaccine.