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Emergency Plumbing Permit Application

The severe weather event experienced by our region has caused considerable damage to residential and commercial properties in the City of Joshua. Among the damages reported are ruptured water pipes and irrigation lines, failed water heaters and furnace.
Due to the expected increase in plumbing permit applications received, the City of Joshua has created a new Emergency Plumbing Permit Application form on the city website. All emergency plumbing permit applicants are required to use this form, accessible via the following link:
Joshua City Council and staff are committed to ensuring that the recovery process is as efficient as possible for our residents and business owners. All emergency plumbing permit and inspection fees for work performed by plumbing contractors registered with the City will be waived.
Each plumbing contractor will be required to provide documentation to the City that the work has been performed in accordance with state code and City Ordinance. Homeowners and Commercial Insurance carriers often require work to be done by a licensed professional under the proper permitting process in order to process claims.
Additionally, to reduce inconvenience and wait times experienced by residents and contractors, inspections will be performed virtually via a process adopted by the Building Official in accordance with International Code Council
For additional information, please contact the Planning & Development Department at or 817-558-7447.