Joshua City Hall 101 South Main St. Joshua, Texas 76058

(817) 558-7447

Warming Stations

The following churches have opened their doors as warming stations, they are listed below.
⏺ Open Door Church, 301 S Dobson St, Burleson ⏺ Burleson Church of Christ, 1150 NW John Jones Dr, Burleson
⏺ Alsbury Baptist Church, 500 NE Alsbury Blvd.
⏺NorthPoint Church FBC, 2450 SW Wilshire Blvd.
Pathway Church. 325 NW Renfro St., is also set up to be a warming station but they currently do not have electricity.
If you need transportation you can call 817-935-8723 and a local jeep club member will contact you to provide assistance.