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Coronavirus and Future Meetings


First and foremost we must prepare but not panic. There is every reason to prepare and absolutely NO reason to panic. It is critical that while this is an ever-changing situation, we remain proactive while staying calm.

There is a nationwide effort to slow down its spread and it’s going to take all of us engaging. One critical factor in to engage in distancing when possible. You can still talk to folks, just do so at a greater distance and avoid touching anyone whenever possible. Avoid large crowds and ensure you wash your hands and such repeatedly throughout the day. If you feel sick…STAY HOME or if needed of course, seek medical care but DO NOT GO OUT otherwise. The more successful we all are with distancing, the more successful we will be in reducing the spread of this virus, with the eventual goal of eradicating it.

As of now, the March 19, 2020 City Council will be held. As always, the meeting will be open to the public. With the recommendation of engaging in distance, the City of Joshua has set up a YouTube channel. All future meetings, starting with the meeting next week, will be posted to the YouTube channel. This will allow all citizens to watch the meeting from home if they do not want to meet in a group setting.

Public Safety is our number one concern. Let’s prepare, be smart, and keep calm.