Joshua City Hall 101 South Main St. Joshua, Texas 76058

(817) 558-7447

City Wide Clean Up Event

The City of Joshua’s Spring Clean-Up

is scheduled for April 7-9, 2017 and the Fall Clean-Up is scheduled for November 3-5, 2017.  Gates will be open from 7 am to 6 pm.  Residents will be required to show

proof of residency with a current trash bill.  Only one (1) load per residence will be accepted.  To drop off debris, use the 6th Street entrance to the Public Works



Bring your hazardous materials for disposal

because the Crude Cruiser will be in Joshua on JULY 29, 2017 from 9 am to 11 am!!!

You must purchase a voucher from

the City for disposal and the fee is $47.00. The event will be at the Joshua Public Works Facility at 104 W 12th Street. Please enter at 6th

Street and exit on 10th.

Questions? Contact Kristin Hubacek at (817) 558-7447 or via email at

Household Hazardous

Waste ACCEPTABLE  Items:  acids; aerosol cans; antifreeze; batteries (all kinds, including car batteries); brake fluid; cooking oil; craft chemicals;

degreasers; drain cleaners; fertilizer; fluorescent light bulbs; compact fluorescent light bulbs (CFLs); herbicides; household chemicals; motor oil; paints and stains;

paint thinners; pest strips; pesticides; pharmaceuticals; photo chemicals; pool chemicals; oil filters; transmission fluid; varnish.

Household Hazardous

Waste UNACCEPTABLE Items:  ammunition; asbestos; building materials; butane cylinders; electronics; explosives; medical waste; PCBs; propane cylinders;

radioactive material; smoke detectors; tires; televisions.


– Bring liquid paint sorted by type (i.e. latex, oil based and lead


– Keep chemicals in their original containers; place broken or leaking containers in a second container of like material (i.e. glass for corrosives; metal

for flammables).

– If a container has no label and its contents are known, please place a label on the container clearly stating the contents.

– Do not

transport chemicals in the passenger compartment of your vehicle.  Put them in the trunk.

NOTE:  The City shall have the right to

refuse to accept waste at the collection location in the reasonable judgment of the City if:

– The waste is not household hazardous waste.

– The waste fails to

meet other established criteria established by the participating City agreement, or that have been established by Fort Worth subsequent to the execution of the


– The individual does not have sufficient identification to establish that he/she is a resident of the City of Joshua.

– The waste of the individual

presents a hazard to the ECC or to persons or property at the EEC.