Joshua City Hall 101 South Main St. Joshua, Texas 76058

(817) 558-7447


The City was notified on Thursday afternoon that one of the mosquito testing trap sites tested positive for West Nile Virus.  This site on the west side of the City along a creek was collected on Wednesday afternoon and one of the mosquitoes trapped tested positive. Based on that test, the City elected to spray in the section of the city where the trap was located. Additionally, a few others areas of the city were sprayed as well due to the wind drift patterns at the time of spraying.  The cycle will again be repeated on Saturday evening to complete the process however some of the areas that are outside of the affected area may or may not be sprayed depending on wind patterns.  The location of the test site was west of Main Street and North of FM 917.

The City has been testing mosquito traps for the past three years and this is the first positive test we have received, and the only time we have provided aerial spraying. There is no Zika threat in the City and none of the mosquitoes tested positive for Zika. If you have further concerns, please contact City Hall at 817-558-7447 for more information.