Joshua City Hall 101 South Main St. Joshua, Texas 76058

(817) 558-7447

Fall Clean Up October 21-23, 2011

The Fall clean up is scheduled for October 21-23, 2011 and this year the city will only allow one load per household or business. The number of loads of trash and debris has become a problem in the past with many people making repeated trips to dump trash and debris that total more than 20 trips. The cost of that volume quickly overwhelms the ability for city crews to manage and haul off the debris. Residents will be required to present the most recent city trash bill along with a photo ID in order to dump. Business owners will be required to provide the most current water bill and a photo ID. Drop off times are from 7:00 a.m. – 7:00 p.m. Vehicles are to enter from 6th Street and leave from 10th Street. There will be a $5.00/ea charge for batteries or tires. No chemicals, paint, auto parts or any appliance with a compressor will be accepted.
Please remember that persons who live outside the City Limits of Joshua, will not be allowed to dump and will be turned away. This program is only available to residential and commercial citizens within the corporate limits of the City of Joshua.