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Proposed Private Club Opening in Joshua

City staff has received several inquiries regarding a proposed private club opening in Joshua.  Below is listed factual information regarding this item.

  • The property that is being referred to is zoned “C-1” Restricted Commercial.
  • The City of Joshua Ordinance Land Use Table states that Private Clubs are permitted by right in C-1, C-2, and Industrial zoning districts.
  • The City of Joshua Zoning Ordinance defines private club as: “an establishment providing social and dining facilities as well as alcholic beverage service to an association of persons, and otherwise falling within the definition of and permitted under the provisions of that portion of Title 3, Chapter 32, V.T.C.A., Alcoholic Beverage Code, as hereafter amended and as it pertains to the operation of private clubs.”
  • The owner of the business has applied for a private club permit through the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission (TABC).  Individuals can contact the TABC complaint department regarding this permit application at or call 1-888-THE-TABC.
  • The City of Joshua does not consider alcohol sales permits as the sale of alcohol is not legally permitted in the City limits at this time.
  • Before the proposed club can open the business will need to obtain a building permit from the City of Joshua for any renovations, and will need to apply and be approved for a Certificate of Occupancy once building is complete.  The business will need to comply with all building codes in order to receive a Certificate of Occupancy.
  • This issue will not be on any agenda for the Planning & Zoning Commission or the City Council.  A Private Club is permitted by right in the zoning designation of “C-1” and does not require any consideration by any governing body.

Those wanting more information can call City Hall at 817-558-7447 and speak to Nader Jeri, Building Official or Mary Beth Thomas, City Secretary.