Joshua City Hall 101 South Main St. Joshua, Texas 76058

(817) 558-7447


SEALED PROPOSALS addressed to the Mayor and Council of the City of Joshua, Texas will be received at the office of the City Secretary, 101 South Main Street, Joshua, Texas 76058 until – 1:00 PM (Local Time) On August 11, 2009 for the purpose of furnishing all plant material, irrigation, tree lighting, labor, materials and equipment and the performance of all work required in the construction of the Landscape Improvements on Joshua Station Boulevard at which time and place the proposals will be publicly opened and read aloud and retained by the City Engineer for tabulation, checking and evaluation.

BIDS shall be submitted in sealed envelopes upon the blank form of proposal furnished.  Sealed envelopes shall be marked LANDSCAPE IMPROVEMENTS ON JOSHUA STATION BOULEVARD – DO NOT OPEN UNTIL 1:00 PM ON AUGUST 11, 2009.

PLANS AND SPECIFICATIONJS and contract documents may be examined without charge at the City Engineer’s office (101 South Main Street) or at the engineering firm of Teague, Nall and Perkins, Inc. (1100 Macon Street, Fort Worth, Texas 76102 (817) 336-5773).  Copies of said documents may be obtained from the engineering firm of Teague, Nall and Perkins, Inc. upon a non-refundable payment of $20.00 per set.

In case of ambiguity or lack of clearness in stating propsosal prices, the City of Joshua reserves the right to adopt the most advantageous construction thereof, or to reject any or all bids.  No bid may be withdrawn within sixty (60) days after date on which bids are opened.

The City of Johsua, Texas

By:  Paulette A. Hartman, City Manager

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