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Information Regarding Revisions To The City Of Joshua Zoning Map.

All property owners within the city limits of the City of Joshua should be receiving a letter from the City of Joshua regarding notice of public hearings regarding revisions to the zoning ordinance and revisions to the zoning map.  Below you will find helpful information regarding these issues:

There are several reasons for updating the City’s Official Zoning Map including the following:

1.  Correct errors and blank spots on the current zoning map

2.  Make sure zoning changes that have occured since the official map was adopted are accurately reflected.

3.  Reflect changes in the zoning ordinance including identification of overlay districts and any new zoning districts

4.  Comply with the Future Land Use map only where it makes since to do so at this time.

There are several things to note regarding the effects of changes to the  Zoning Map.

1.  Changes to the zoning map do not change the use that is currently in that location.  If the current use is different than the new zoning, the current use becomes a non-conforming use, and, as long as it is a legal non-conforming use in accordance with the zoning ordinance, can remain until such time as the property owner desires to change the use.  Any new use must conform to the new zoning.

2.  Zoning changes will not impact valuation for tax purposes.  The property valuation for tax purposes is based on the actual use and area sales prices of comparable land.

3.  Zoning changes will not impact agricultural exemptions.  Granting and continuation of agricultural exemptions is based on criteria established by State Law and the Appraisal District which includes the number of acres and the use of the land.  Zoning is not one of the criteria.

4.  Most properties will not be impacted by a zoning change. 

We encourage you to call City Hall 817-558-7447 if you have any questions regarding this issue.